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Frequently Asked

How do you pronounce it?2022-11-07T23:06:08+00:00

We go with “Uh-Gee-Toe”, and we’re sticking with it.

Who do you work with?2021-07-19T17:13:10+00:00

Ageto typically partners with solar installers, OEMs, and project developers to deliver turnkey microgrids in the commercial and industrial sectors. The microgrid system control is mission critical and one of the most important procurement decisions to ensure the microgrid lives up to customer expectations. The Ageto ARC Controller delivers superlative value to solar and storage projects.

At what stage in a project does Ageto get involved?2021-07-19T17:12:19+00:00

Ageto can be called upon at any point in your project timeline. We have multiple projects in which we were able to get an installed microgrid up and working after years of non-functionality or underperformance. We enjoy getting involved in the early stage as well and can offer initial analysis work, design input or energy resource recommendations based on our expertise and experience from previous successful projects.

What distributed energy resources can you work with?2021-07-16T17:45:44+00:00

The Ageto ARC Controller is energy resource agnostic, meaning we can work with almost any product on the market. Click the link to view the over 85 resources we have already integrated with.

What is the typical size of your projects?2021-07-16T17:42:21+00:00

Ageto has successfully commissioned projects around the world for three phase C&I customers in the 50 kW to the multi-MW range.

What can the ARC Controller do?2021-07-16T18:05:18+00:00


  • Demand charge management
  • Time-of-Use (TOU) shifting
  • Export limiting
  • Resilient power/islanding operations
  • Resiliency mode (battery maximization)

Off Grid

  • Generator ramp up/down
  • Spinning reserve management
  • Cycle charging
  • Minimum loading and runtime


  • Load shedding/controllable loads
  • Virtual Power Plants (VPP)
  • University microgrid test bed
  • Incentive and compliance reporting

What information can I get from your controller?2022-11-07T23:08:08+00:00

We love information, and we have plenty of it. Whether you are the system operator, looking to save on the bills or troubleshooting a fault, we have the information you need.

  • A single point and common user interface to view all resources in the system (we bring in every data point available in each asset) viewable on-site or remotely
  • Alarms notification via email and SMS
  • Local historian database recording data on the one second interval, stored up to 10 years
  • Event logging
  • Automatic export of 15-minute interval data to .csv files
  • User-level authentication and record of system changes by user
  • Web-hosted view-only customer monitoring dashboards
  • Calculated lifetime carbon offset and dollars saved
Why should I care?2021-07-16T17:08:57+00:00

It is our mission to accelerate the global adoption of renewable energy. We are doing that by simplifying the integration and increasing the value of distributed energy resources into behind-the-meter and off-grid power systems. As our partner, you can amplify the value of your product and offer the competitive edge your customers want to see. As an end user, you can rest assured that our controller is monitoring and optimizing your power system to save you money and keep the lights on, all without a second thought.

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