Renewable energy microgrid Expertise

Ageto gives you the right technology + the right team

The people behind Ageto’s cutting-edge ARC microgrid controller are a dedicated group of engineers, innovators and systems solutions advisors with in-depth behind-the-meter and off-grid electrical systems expertise. We know what works because we’ve assessed, configured, installed and troubleshot scores of industry-leading conventional and renewable energy microgrid systems.

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In addition to configuring and installing our market-leading Ageto ARC microgrid controller, the Ageto team is here to help you dial in the distributed energy resources of your microgrid.

Analysis and sizing

Right-size your renewable energy microgrid from square one

Ageto Energy helps you right-size your microgrid design to meet your objectives and reduce your cost of energy to accelerate project payback. Our deep understanding of system sizing is driven by the advanced control algorithms built into the ARC microgrid controller, allowing maximum cost savings with reduced capital expenditure. Right-sizing the renewable energy will reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and reduce the net present cost of the power system.

Technology selection

Put the right microgrid energy solutions to work

The ARC microgrid controller interfaces with more than 85 validated distributed energy resources, and we add new distributed energy resources and vendors all the time. Our technology is resource-agnostic so you can select the best assets for your system. We’ve seen hundreds of different conventional and renewable energy microgrid resources in action, in a variety of geographies and climates, serving different sets of energy needs and goals, and we’re happy to help you with your selections.


Get a microgrid energy specialist on the case

No matter where you are in the microgrid setup process, the ARC microgrid controller and Ageto’s team of renewable energy microgrid experts can help. We have a 100% success rate on our projects because the ARC is designed to work with any system, and our technical know-how and hands-on experience allow us to come up with novel solutions when unique challenges arise.

“They have stood behind their product fully and have been there for us. That is hugely valuable to us, and would be to anybody with a long-term view and of the success of the system operating.”

Scott Laskey, President, Sandbar Solar & Electric

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