The Ageto difference is

Our technology makes microgrid energy work.

The Ageto ARC microgrid controller is the brain for your microgrid system, seamlessly integrating, optimizing, and managing diverse energy resources.

At Ageto, our
goal is to make renewable energy simple.

Simple is beautiful. Simple is intuitive. Simple is fueled by innovation, experience and proven success.

What is a microgrid controller?
We designed the Ageto
microgrid controller to get your power system running — and keep it running.

Ageto ARC is an equipment-agnostic, elegantly integrated microgrid controller that’s as reliable and robust as it is simple to manage.

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Microgrid Case Studies
Globe_2022.08 Private Client Off-Grid Puerto Rico TECO Grid-Tied Tampa, FL SBP New Orleans Grid-Tied New Orleans, LA Private Client Grid-Tied Los Altos Hills, CA Hotel Marcel Grid-Tied New Haven, CT Private Client Off-Grid Lancaster, NH Elias Brookings School Grid-Tied Springfield, MA Private Client Grid-Tied Merida, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Villahermosa, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Villahermosa, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Monterrey, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Toluca de Lerdo, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Monterrey, MX Private Client Grid-Tied CDMX, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Novi, MI Aztlan Center Grid-Tied Fort Collins, CO Private Client Off-Grid Wyoming Headwaters Center Off-Grid Winter Park, CO Innosphere Grid-Tied Fort Collins, CO Ehrlich Toyota Grid-Tied Greeley, CO SoCalGas Grid-Tied Downey, CA Private Client Grid-Tied Mexicali, MX Mixed Use Development Grid-Tied San Jose, CA Private Client Grid-Tied Guadalajara, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Atherton, CA Newton Cove Resort Off-Grid Vancouver Island, BC Aquatic Center Grid-Tied Bermuda Private Client Grid-Tied Gomez Palacio, MX City of Dublin Corporation Yard Grid-Tied Dublin, CA Private Residence Grid-Tied Cabo, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Niamey, Niger Sycamore International Grid-Tied West Grove, PA Private Client Grid-Tied Merida, MX The Dublin Wave Grid-Tied Dublin, CA Private Client Grid-Tied Toluca de Lerdo, MX Noatak Off-Grid Noatak, AK Private Client Grid-Tied Miramar, CA Winery Off-Grid Paso Robles, CA Castello di Amorosa Grid-Tied Calistoga, CA Private Client Grid-Tied Hidalgo, MX Private Client Grid-Tied Panama City, Panama Private Client Grid-Tied Nuevo Laredo, MX Rancho Del Sol Off-Grid Costa Rica Private Client Grid-Tied Whitefish, MT Soboba Fire Station Grid-Tied San Jacinto, CA Nemiah Valley Off-Grid Nemiah Valley, BC Valley Wide Beverage Grid-Tied Fresno, CA Dublin Senior Center Grid-Tied Dublin, CA Private Client Grid-Tied Modesto, CA Nesmith Readiness Center Grid-Tied Dallas, OR Totota Liberia Off-Grid Totota, Liberia Haley Brothers Grid-Tied Buena Park, CA Niland Off-Grid Niland, CA Grove of Redlands Grid-Tied Redlands, CA Sandbar Solar Off-Grid Santa Cruz, CA PDX Fire Station Grid-Tied Portland, OR Harbledown Island Off-Grid Harbledown, BC Shungnak Off-Grid Shungnak, AK Pacific Flight Off-Grid Big Island, HI Los Altos Hills Town Hall Grid-Tied Los Altos Hils, CA Private Client Grid-Tied Apia, Samoa Private Client Grid-Tied Majuro Island, RMI Private Client Grid-Tied Kolonia, Micronesia Private Client Grid-Tied Koror, Palau
We know it’s simple to talk a big game, hard to back it up.
How do we do it? Just

The Ageto blog goes behind the scenes on behind-the-meter and off-grid microgrid power systems.
The latest on integrating renewable energy into microgrids. The excitement of collaborating with partners from Hawaii to Liberia. The tech that makes it tick.

“ARC is the single best thing we did for our facility.”

David Ankenbruck, Project Manager
Headwaters Center, Winter Park, CO

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