New Haven, CT

Hotel Marcel

This unique net-zero hotel receives 100% renewable energy and backup power from a solar and storage microgrid on site.

Energy Resource Capacity
409 kW
500 kW
1,012 kWh

Hotel Marcel in New Haven may stand out for its unique brutalist architecture, but that’s not the only unique thing about it. This Passive-House certified and net-zero energy hotel is the nation’s first, and has a laundry list of uniquely sustainable features. Most notably is a solar plus storage microgrid providing 100% renewable energy to the all-electric hotel as well as backup power in the case of a utility outage. Hotel Marcel will set an example for the hospitality industry, a sector known for its consumptiveness, that aggressive carbon reduction while maintaining comfort is not only possible, but optimal and cost effective.

The carports in the parking lot provide protection for the guest’s cars as well as the infrastructure for a 409 kWac solar array. The energy storage system provides 1,012 kWh behind 500 kW of stored energy to provide energy shifting services and demand charge management. The storage system will also provide seamless backup power to the full facility during utility outages and is set to participate in local storage programs designed to strengthen the reliability of the New England grid. During outages the Ageto ARC controller will send a signal to the elevator controller and building management system to conserve energy. At a low state of charge, loads can be shed to extend the life of the battery.

The Ageto ARC controller acts as the brains for the microgrid system. The ARC controller enables grid services, resilience sequencing and response to utility dispatch signals. All of these save the hotel money, speeding up the payback time of this incredible commitment to sustainability.

EPC PD250 (2)
250 kW
LG JH4 (2)
506 kWh
66 kW
33 kW
AccuEnergy AcuRev 2100

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