Energy Management
at your fingertips

Ageto’s advanced software drives real-time, easy-to-manage microgrid control

The Ageto ARC microgrid controller gives you an industry-leading energy management system. Coordinate, optimize and monitor all the components of your microgrid from one simple interface.

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Intuitive dashboard

The microgrid data you need at a glance — anytime, anywhere

  • Real-time snapshot of microgrid performance
  • Easy-to-understand user interface
  • Vital data on all your microgrid components in one place
  • On-site touchscreen and remote web dashboard

Real-time control

Optimize distributed energy resources and balance loads in an instant

  • Second-by-second power flow controls
  • Maximize renewable energy use
  • React quickly to problems before outages happen
  • Manage loads, power reserves, and utility charges

Trending data

From high-level overviews to 1-second intervals

  • See exactly where your power is coming from
  • Study past performance and estimate future power capacity
  • View by color-coded energy resource, specific timeframe and user
  • Export data from the SQL database for easy troubleshooting

Alarm handling

Stay in the know with instant notifications

  • Receive email alarms automatically whenever any of your microgrid assets have an alert
  • View current and previous alarms anytime from the ARC
  • Optimize for your microgrid’s best case scenarios and know you’re prepared for the worst
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“Ageto is the maestro standing in front of the orchestra, making sure the horn section, strings and percussion all play at the right time. That’s what they make happen.”

Ken McCauley, Executive Vice President, Turtle Energy Storage Services

See our energy management system in action

The Ageto ARC microgrid controller makes renewable energy

Control every component of your microgrid from one dashboard.

No need to learn multiple software programs for multiple energy resources. The learning curve is small, and the ROI is huge.

Understand your microgrid at a glance.

Data for different energy resources are shown in the same way for easy use and comparison, and each resource is color-coded for consistency.

Put the Ageto ARC to work for your microgrid