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Ageto’s robust hardware drives highly effective microgrid control with superior reliability

At the heart of Ageto’s success lies a suite of innovative devices, each engineered to enable Ageto’s advanced energy management solution: the ARC microgrid controller.

The Ageto product catalog creates a comprehensive energy management ecosystem that puts you firmly in control.

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Connect resources, control with confidence

The ARC Pro Cabinet is the most capable and durable hardware option for running the ARC Software.

  • Active Cooling allows for installation in more extreme environments
  • Touchscreen increases ease of operation and on-site access
Download the ARC Pro Spec Sheet
Ageto Renewable Controller (ARC) Pro open
Ageto Renewable Controller (ARC) Lite Front

ARC Lite

A control solution right-sized for your project

The ARC Lite Cabinet is a lighter-weight and more compact hardware solution that runs the same ARC Software as ARC Pro.

  • Efficiency meets Size: the ARC Lite Cabinet is ideal for projects with fewer assets or reduced complexity.
  • Perfect for sites with no on-site GUI requirements
Download the ARC Lite Spec Sheet

Protective Relay Cabinet (PRC)

Streamlined microgrid islanding

The Ageto PRC is a ready-to-deploy microgrid islanding solution that offers grid failure detection, sub-cycle grid isolation, and protected grid

  • Utility-grade, industry-preferred solution programmed by the Ageto microgrid experts
  • Simplifies utility interconnection approval and field installation
Download the PRC Spec Sheet
Protective Relay Cabinet (PRC) open
Load Control Center

Load Control Center (LCC)

Prioritize your power flows, extend battery life

The Ageto LCC is a flexible load control solution designed to extend battery life during grid outages.

  • Manage up to four load groups at state-of-charge setpoints easily configurable in the Ageto ARC user interface
  • Send configurable discrete signals to third-party devices to indicate system status
  • Simplify field installation for both new and existing builds
Download the LCC Spec Sheet

Revenue Meter Cabinet (RMC)

Power Metering Simplified

The Ageto RMC integrates seamlessly with the Ageto Renewable Controller (ARC), allowing for precise system metering for loads or energy sources.

  • Revenue-grade power meter with accompanying current transformers ready to install at any point in your microgrid
  • One-stop solution for wiring, commissioning, and troubleshooting support
  • Seamless integration into your Ageto control hardware ecosystem
Download the RMC Spec Sheet
Protective Relay Cabinet (PRC) open

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ARC has accumulated over one million hours of microgrid energy management. Deploy microgrid control hardware and software with an extensive resume of field installations.

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