Microgrid Control Experts

Anthony Johnson


Anthony has spent his entire career in power generation, spanning multiple continents and various power systems ranging in size from less than 10 kW to over 120 MW. With extensive experience in both renewable generation sources as well as reciprocating engine-based generation, Anthony brings the technical expertise required to ensure Ageto’s microgrids function as reliably and efficiently as possible.

As Ageto’s CTO, Anthony oversees the technical aspects of the company and product including engineering, product development, commissioning, support, and training.

Mike Murray


Mike started his career in mining and heavy equipment, working with customers to achieve high levels of reliability on multiple continents. He built his career finding creative solutions to complex systems with actionable results. For the past decade, Mike has worked in energy and cleantech, utilizing his expertise to spearhead the microgrid market.

Mike oversees customer relationships from acquisitions through delivery, while also focusing on the financial success and strategy of Ageto to deliver a turnkey microgrid control solution.

Laura Williams

Application Engineer

Laura, a graduate of North Carolina State University, started her energy career in industrial energy efficiency. After pivoting to the realm of distributed energy, she found her passion in accelerating microgrid deployment to address issues like grid resilience, energy access, and climate change.

Laura supports various aspects of early-stage project engineering, working closely with customers to understand the unique goals of their project and making recommendations on how to best implement after careful assessment. To ensure customer confidence and a smooth project execution process, she supports feasibility modeling, design review and technical customer support.

Tyler Clayton

Solutions Manager

Tyler has nearly seven years of experience as a project engineer in utility-scale gas turbine generator systems, doing retrofits and upgrades. Looking to make a career shift into renewable energy technology, Tyler connected with Ageto. His experience brings a new perspective to the team and his skillset enables him to be a valuable resource on Ageto projects.

Tyler manages successful project execution by maintaining full engagement with customer project teams, supporting the project as needs evolve, and ensuring exceptional coordination for the full life of the project. His active role in managing project execution lends itself to building and strengthening customer relationships. He also leads continual process improvement efforts, aiming to strengthen Ageto’s operational processes.

Justin Williams

Controls Engineer

Justin is a Marine Corps veteran and worked in oil and gas for a decade as a maintenance electrician and instrumentation technician. He transitioned to power systems and controls after completing his studies in electrical engineering.

As a controls engineer, he relies on a diverse technical knowledge and practical experience to foster functionality, reliability, and safety throughout all microgrid solutions. With a desire to advance renewable energy, and a fascination with microgrids, Justin is implementing high quality technical services for microgrid controls.

Justine Sanchez

Technical Sales Engineer

Justine has been working in the renewable energy industry since 1993. She has played many technical roles over these last thirty years, such as an NREL research assistant to a NABCEP-certified photovoltaic (PV) system installer, to a PV system designer and project manager. Justine’s previous experience includes reviewing electrical plan sets for PV and solar-plus-storage projects, acting as a project consultant and facilitator for commercial-scale solar-plus-storage systems, and acting as an educator for the solar industry both as a curriculum developer and IREC Certified Master Trainer for Solar Energy International and as a senior technical editor and author for Home Power Magazine. She is a principal voting member of Code Making Panel 13 (CMP-13) for the National Electrical Code.

Justine has cultivated a deep understanding of the industry and has honed her skills to relay knowledge about industry best practices and code requirements. As a technical sales engineer, Justine aims to break down the complexity that can exist between paralleling various power sources, and assist clients in implementing Ageto’s microgrid control solutions into their renewable energy projects.

Patrick Howard

Controls Engineer

Patrick has been a controls engineer in the industrial automation industry for nearly 15 years. Starting as an instrumentation and controls engineer for a large-scale power project EPC firm, he gained a vast amount of knowledge of how control systems can be utilized to synchronize the operation of a multitude of equipment. His experience also took him into the realm of marine based power projects which allowed him to hone his understanding of islanded energy grids with multiple energy resources running in parallel. He shifted his focus to renewable energy to help further the adoption of this technology and create a lasting impact on this world.

He is dedicated to optimizing and enhancing the automation processes that bring microgrids and renewable energy to life. His knowledge of PLC programming, HMI design, and system integration is put to good use for Ageto’s goal of making renewable energy simple.

Team Ageto