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Power up with the Ageto ARC microgrid controller

Your microgrid controller is the brain for your microgrid — the piece of technology that transforms a collection of disparate microgrid energy resources into a cohesive independent power grid. This technology is necessarily complex, balancing supply and demand, making the most of every asset, and managing energy storage, PV solar, generators, and other distributed energy resources while shedding loads within seconds to deliver resilient and reliable power. The microgrid controller you select matters. That’s why we built ARC.

The ARC microgrid controller coordinates all the elements of your microgrid into one elegant system — optimizing both conventional and renewable energy resources, and giving you the monitoring and management tools you need to keep the lights on.

Reliable power

No more costly outages — save thousands of dollars and your peace of mind

The ARC microgrid controller performs under the most demanding conditions for applications where power reliability is critical. Extreme weather? Traditional grid blackouts? Behind-the-meter or off-grid, ARC has your back with stable, resilient power.

Real-time control

Instant data so you can act quickly and meet utility requirements

Real-time energy management controls ensure system stability and resiliency. The ARC microgrid controller sends data every second to balance power generation with load. With Ageto’s microgrid solutions, you and your power connectivity won’t miss a beat.

Resource-agnostic integration

ARC works with 65+ verified energy resources (and counting)

The ARC microgrid controller interfaces with a wide variety of conventional and renewable energy resources, including energy storage inverters, photovoltaic solar inverters, diesel and natural gas generators, wind turbines, weather stations, power meters, and sheddable loads.

24/7 monitoring

Down to the second for high-resolution trending data

Monitor and control all your microgrid assets from one user-friendly dashboard, both locally from the touchscreen and remotely via a secure VPN connection. ARC records data every second so you can monitor loads, solar estimates, energy production, and more for precision trending and troubleshooting.

Alarm handling

Instant notifications so you’re never out of the loop

The ARC microgrid controller automatically sends email alerts when there’s an alarm from any of your microgrid assets. ARC stores alarms and system events so you can view them anytime.

Heavy duty enclosure

Built to withstand extreme temperatures and weather

The ARC microgrid controller is encased in a durable NEMA 3R enclosure, protecting your microgrid infrastructure and your investment. The ARC cabinet stands strong through heat, cold, rain, snow, sleet, humidity, and high altitude conditions.

Energy independence

Go off-grid with 100% renewable operation

ARC delivers microgrid solutions configured for your application — rural energy systems, remote communities, island resorts, remote mine sites, and commercial facilities — so your island microgrid can meet all your electricity needs with generator-off operation, minimum generator loading, sheddable loads, and spinning reserve management.

Utility rate optimization

Reduce operating costs behind-the-meter

ARC automatically optimizes the microgrid around the utility rate seamlessly by reducing the amount of energy purchased from utilities during peak times with time of use (TOU) shifting, reducing the facility peak with demand charge management, and controlling the power flow at the point of common coupling (PCC) to meet utility interconnect requirements. Your distributed energy resources are always working for you to save on your utility bill while providing resilient power in case of outages.

Proven partner

100% success rate — Ageto will get your system working

Ageto’s microgrid solutions have gotten power systems running around the world — from connected cities to remote islands, from the heat and humidity of Liberia to the frigid temperatures of Alaska. If you need your system running, Ageto delivers.

“I got lucky and found Ageto before I found anybody else.”

Jeff Richardson, Owner, CPM Design and Construction

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Breathe easy

Renewable energy developers

You need a system you and your customers can rely on. With the ARC microgrid controller, you don’t have to worry. Our microgrid solutions lead the industry in equipment-agnostic integration and seamless operation. Ageto is in the business of making microgrids work.

Make it work

Renewable energy manufacturers

You build state-of-the-art distributed energy resources. Ageto has an advanced microgrid controller that will work with any renewable energy resource, including yours. Talk about a win-win. Together, we can make renewable energy integration both possible and profitable.

Harness your power

Property owners

What will your renewable energy microgrid give you the power to do? Say no to the status quo? Weather the storm? Leave the world better than you found it? Ageto’s microgrid solutions are designed to eliminate the compromises of managing renewable energy and put all the system’s power in your hands.

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ARC Energy Management Controls

Why a microgrid?

Reliable power and energy independence.

A microgrid is a local energy grid that can operate independently (off-grid electrical systems) or in conjunction with a traditional grid (part of a utility system or behind-the-meter). Because they operate autonomously, microgrid solutions allow businesses and communities to have better control over their power:

  • Take over during traditional grid outages
  • Provide power in areas where traditional grids are either unavailable or unreliable
  • Integrate renewable energy from photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbines and other resources
  • Implement the latest renewable energy storage technology
  • Become less dependent on fossil fuels
  • Cut costs by diversifying energy resources and managing them more efficiently

Why Ageto?

We make microgrids work.

Team Ageto has years of hands-on, in-the-field experience with microgrid solutions and management. We have a 100% success rate in getting microgrids up and running — both behind-the-meter and off-grid power solutions. The ARC microgrid controller will make your renewable energy power system work.

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