Winter Park, CO

Headwaters Center

The Headwaters Center was designed with materials from the past incorporating the energy of the future.

Energy Resource Capacity
90 kW
250 kW
300 kWh
180 kW

The building was built by incorporating a Civil War-era barn, originally located in Ohio, that was disassembled, transported, and rebuilt in Winter Park. An ‘off-the-power-grid’ facility, the Headwaters Center derives the majority of its energy from the sun, which is stored in and used from batteries onsite.

From the initial design, the facility was never connected to the electric utility grid, and is instead powered by an off-grid microgrid. Much of the facility load, including the air handling and HVAC systems, are directly powered from the DC bus shared by the 300 kWh of energy storage. Facility AC loads are served by the grid-forming Princeton Power energy storage inverters. The site operates generator-off as conditions allow with backup power from the natural gas generators.

The Ageto ARC microgrid controller provides the primary user interface, real-time controls, and performance monitoring of the system.

Princeton Power GTIB-480-125 Inverter (2)
125 kW
Toshiba LTO Battery (7)
172 kW/43 kWh
SMA CORE1 PV Inverters (2)
50 kW
DEIF AGC150 Natural Gas Generator (w)
100 kW
AccuEnergy AcuDC Meter (3)
RainWise PVmet 200 Weather Station (1)

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