New Orleans, LA

SBP National

Located in New Orleans, SBP provides resiliency and disaster relief for hurricane impacted communities.

Energy Resource Capacity
210 kW
125 kW
440 kWh

Louisiana’s first commercial-scale solar plus storage microgrid provides sustainable and resilient power to a net-zero apartment building. Half of the affordable housing qualified apartments are reserved for veterans. Between the solar plus storage microgrid power system and high-efficiency appliances, the residents will have minimal power bills.

The Ageto ARC microgrid controller is coordinating the charging of the Dynapower MPS-i125 energy storage systems with the PV solar production to increase the self-consumption of solar power. The controller also reserves a portion of the energy storage capacity to provide backup resilient power to the building during utility outages from storms or other utility faults.

The microgrid controller monitors the load and real-time battery capacity to calculate an ‘Energy Storage Capacity’ which provides an estimate on how long the building can run on just backup battery power.

Dublin Wave
Delta PCS125 Storage Inverter(2)
250 kW
Samsung (2) BMS
1,056 kWh
CPS SCA (11) PV Inverters
439 kW
AccuEnergy Acuvim II Power Meters
Dublin Senior Center
Delta PCS125 Storage Inverter(1)
125 kW
Samsung (1) BMS
173 kWh
SolarEdge (1) PV Inverters
33 kW
Dublin Corporation Yard
Delta PCS125 Storage Inverter(1)
125 kW
Samsung (1) BMS
173 kWh
SolarEdge (2) PV Inverters
40 kW

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