Downey, CA

[H2] Hydrogen Home

This demonstration home by SoCalGas is a first of its kind, using solar, storage, an electrolyzer, and the Ageto ARC microgrid controller to convert solar energy to hydrogen.

Energy Resource Capacity
37 kW
60 kW
288 kWh

The [H2] Hydrogen Home is a project by SoCalGas intended to demonstrate how carbon-free hydrogen gas can be made from renewable energy. The home functions just like any other home, except for its unique mix of energy resources. The home has a full microgrid made up of solar, storage, an electrolyzer, and a hydrogen fuel cell. All of which are coordinated and optimized by the Ageto ARC microgrid controller.

The ARC microgrid controller coordinates the resources to operate on renewable energy the majority of the time. This nearly eliminates all of the costs which would have been otherwise charged by Southern California Edison. When solar is in excess, the electrolyzer is run to create pure hydrogen from water. This green hydrogen can then be used by the fuel cell to produce electricity for the home in the evening, or blended with natural gas and used for the homes heat pump or gas stove.

In addition to this unique blend of electricity generators, the microgrid also provides backup power to the home. If a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event occurs, the microgrid controller will sequence the energy storage to provide renewable backup power.

Sinexcel PWS2-30K-NA (2)
30 kW
Energport L-30144 (2)
144 kWh
SolarEdge SE30KUS (3)
30 kW
Allen Bradley PM500 power meter (17)

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