Big Island, HI

Pacific Flight

On the Big Island of Hawaii, an innovative microgrid has been installed with a singular mission to return the land to its native state, covered in sandalwood forest.

Energy Resource Capacity
110 kW
90 kW
300 kWh
100 kW

To accomplish this mission, a high-renewable microgrid was installed and connected to a desalinization system to provide irrigation water to the property.

The system is comprised of 128 kW of PV solar panel paired with 300 kWh of Blue Planet LX HV batteries by three Ideal Power 30C3 inverters. The renewable power system is backed up by a propane generator in case of multiple days with no sunshine. ARC seamlessly coordinates and monitors the system to ensure maximum renewable energy utilization while providing reliable power.

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Ideal Power 30C3 Inverter (3)
30 kW
Blue Planet LX HV LFP Battery (5)
60 kW / 60 kWh
Generac Propane Generator (1)
100 kW
SEL-547 Protective Relay (1)
ControlByWeb Meter (3)

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