Buena Park, CA

Haley Brothers

Haley Brothers, an architectural door manufacturing company in Southern California, installed a microgrid with multiple use cases enabled by ARC.

Energy Resource Capacity
45 kW
30 kW
150 kWh

First, Haley Brothers wanted resilient backup power for the Protected Load Panel to maintain continuity of operations during the more frequent power outages they are experiencing.

Second, to switch utility rates, Haley Brothers needed to reduce their facility demand to less than 20 kW to qualify for the new rate. ARC enabled peak shaving throughout the day to allow the facility to qualify for the new rate.

Third, Haley Brothers also wanted to reduce the amount of energy purchased from the utility to reduce their carbon footprint as well as saving money.

The ARC microgrid controller seamlessly coordinates the microgrid power system enabling the facility to capture the multiple value streams from the energy storage system, saving the facility money.

Ideal Power 30C3 Inverter (1)
30 kW
Avalon AFB2 Flow Battery (1)
10 kW/30 kWh
Avalon AFB2 Flow Battery (4)
5 kW/30 kWh
PV array (1)
45 kW
SEL-547 Protective Relay (1)

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