British Columbia, Canada

Harbledown Island

The First Nations community on Harbledown Island has relied on diesel power for years, but now, with the commissioning of a hybrid microgrid, the residents have silence when the diesel generators turn off and the solar and storage microgrid takes over.

Energy Resource Capacity
120 kW
125 kW
440 kWh
200 kW

The microgrid incorporates 100 kW of PV solar, a 125 kW energy storage inverter paired with 440 kWh of energy storage, and three diesel generators.

The Ageto Renewable Controller is the microgrid controller coordinating and integrating the renewable energy resources into the larger power system. The site is designed to maximize renewable energy utilization including turning the diesel generators off and running on 100% renewable energy as conditions allow. The ARC microgrid controller provides minimum generator loading, allowing the PV solar and diesel generator to both be online at the same time. To reduce mode switching and provide multiple levels of redundancy, the generators and energy storage system work together utilizing droop to stabilize the power system.

Due to COVID-19 travel restriction, Ageto innovated to support Hakai on commissioning the project remotely from Fort Collins, CO. The entire configuration and commissioning took place virtually over the satellite internet link.

Dynapower MPS-i125 (1)
125 kW
Samsung E3 (1)
440 kWh
33 kW
Comap InteliGen (3)
Various kW
AccuEnergy Acuvim II Power Meters (2)
RainWise PVmet150 Weather Station (1)

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