Redlands, CA

The Grove

The Grove Event Center in Redlands, CA is an operating orange grove and wedding event center.

Energy Resource Capacity
24 kW

Phase 1 of the project was installing solar PV to offset a portion of the facilities load during the day. Due to the interconnect agreement, the facility is not allowed to export power, so ARC actively curtails the PV production as required when PV is greater than load.

The system will be allowed to run for several months to record load data in the ARC database which will then allow Ageto to properly size additional PV and energy storage to allow resilient backup power at the facility during weddings and other events.

Phase 1
SMA Tripower 24000TL-US (1)
24 kW
Solar PV array (1)
14 kW
Phase 2
Energy Storage (1)
SMA PV Inverter (1)
SEL-751 Protective Relay

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