Ageto is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Launch Alaska. Ageto underwent the four qualification phases of Launch Alaska’s Technology Deployment Track cohort for 2020-21 to qualify as a member of the Launch Alaska portfolio of companies. We are excited to be part of the Launch Alaska team and look forward to bringing our technology to the Alaskan market to aid in the mitigation of climate change and transition to clean energy.

Launch Alaska is a non-profit organization working to accelerate the “resource revolution” in Alaska by investing in and amplifying scalable startups in food, water, transportation, and energy. Alaska is a unique market with unique needs, challenges and opportunities. Launch Alaska is working to empower conscious and creative start-ups with the goal to mitigate the causes and effects of climate change in Alaska and beyond, all while unlocking untapped economic opportunities. Startups work with investors, policy experts and customers in collaborative and structured events—all focused on getting solutions to the companies and communities who need them most.

Alaska has a unique energy landscape. Far from a US grid and abounding in remote communities, the Alaskan environment makes a great case for microgrids. Many remote communities are not only remote and fully off-grid, but also entirely inaccessible by road. This means they are forced to rely on diesel generators for their energy. All of the fuel for which must be shipped in by plane and by barge. Not only does this result in an incredibly high price for electricity, it harms the environment in both the transportation and burning of the fuel.

Ageto is working to solve this problem by working with our partners to develop high renewable penetration microgrids for these remote communities. Ageto is excited to work with our partner and fellow 2020-21 Technology Deployment Track cohort partner Blue Planet Energy to deliver a renewable energy microgrid solution to the remote village of Shungnak Alaska. The Shungnak solar plus storage system will be integrated by the Ageto ARC microgrid controller with the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative (AVEC) power plant. The microgrid will incorporate 384 kWh of Blue Planet Energy LX energy storage, a EPC Power PD250 energy storage inverter, two SolarEdge SE100K PV inverters, along with three ComAp diesel generators. Ageto is looking forward to working with our project partners Alaskan Native Renewable Industries and Daylight Energy Services which were introduced through Launch Alaska.

Ageto is excited to rise to the challenges presented by America’s Last Frontier with our partners Launch Alaska and other cohort members.