Ageto has developed a microgrid control software that offers superior control for commercial microgrid systems. To add to the available hardware options that support the ARC software, Ageto is now offering ARC Lite.

Microgrid control hardware

The ARC Lite Microgrid Control Cabinet

ARC Lite is a streamlined version of the ARC Pro cabinet. It is designed to reduce costs for smaller projects with less complexity. Similar to the ARC Pro Cabinet, the ARC Lite will support each project’s software needs, with room for additional expansion. However, the ARC Lite does so in a lighter-weight polycarbonate enclosure.

ARC Lite forgoes the touchscreen that can be found on the front of the Pro Cabinet. However, both options allow for remote access to the ARC UI, and for external monitors if needed on-site.

Ageto prioritizes developing solutions that fit for our customers, without adding any unnecessary complexity or cost. As a result of having multiple hardware options available, Ageto is able to find the right solution for a wide range of microgrid project sizes and complexity levels.

Ageto’s control system intelligently coordinates and optimizes the energy resources on-site through hardwired communication to the assets. The ARC Lite cabinet contains networking hardware optimized for smaller commercial installations. These projects need the same level of software sophistication but may have less resources in total that needs to be coordinated.

Small commercial microgrid

Additionally, the ARC Lite can be installed as a monitoring-only solution. This allows sites with good microgrid potential to monitor and record load as well as any existing solar. This takes the guesswork out of system sizing. The software can then be upgraded to a full microgrid control package. As a result, the microgrid is well-sized, without wasting additional upfront costs for hardware that cannot be reused.

The ARC Lite is a streamlined microgrid control solution for small commercial projects. For more information and technical specs, contact a member of the Ageto team.