A solar plus storage microgrid can help keep the lights on when the power goes out. To ensure the lights stay on long-term, microgrid owners must be highly selective with how they use their stored energy. Load management effortlessly automates this process to extend battery life.

Ageto has simplified load management with its newest product the Load Control Center (LCC).

Load Control Center (LCC) front
Load Control Center (LCC) open

The Load Control Center is a flexible load control solution designed to extend battery life during grid outages. The device allows the customer to manage up to four load groups. All of which are easily configurable in the Ageto ARC user interface. 

In addition to managing load groups, the device can send signals to third-party control systems. These discrete signals can be used to indicate system statuses such as grid health or excess solar production. As a result, the signals can be used by building management systems, elevator control systems, or any other controller that can respond intelligently to inputs. This increased level of interoperability allows for deeper optimization of your microgrid. 

ARC seamlessly integrates with the LCC allowing for finer control of the system load groups. The configurable priority groups provide customers with the ability to pick which critical loads need to stay powered. While non-critical loads can be dropped off immediately or soon after an outage occurs.

Ageto LCC interface

Load Shedding

The connection with the ARC controller allows loads to be dropped off when energy capacity is low. Similarly, they are brought back if the sun comes up to recharge the battery. At any time load priorities can be changed and the system will autonomously adjust to the new priorities. 

Adding the LCC to your system can take your battery life from hours to days by making intelligent decisions that align with customer needs. The UL 508A panel is a streamlined solution to load management through a flexible dry contact relay approach. The new product was created with the installer in mind and streamlines field installation with its simplified, intuitive design.

For more information and technical specs, contact a member of the Ageto team.