Microgrids are a group of interconnected energy resources that allow for a local power system to isolate itself from the wider grid. In order to make that disconnection from the utility, an intelligent device needs to offer sub-cycle grid failure detection, safe and reliable grid resynchronization, and must be a preferred islanding solution by the utility.    

To address these key needs and simplify the microgrid interconnection process, Ageto is launching its Protective Relay Cabinet (PRC).

The PRC is a ready-to-deploy, utility-grade microgrid islanding solution that integrates seamlessly with the ARC Microgrid Controller. The solution is a UL 508A listed control panel that contains an industry-recognized, utility-approved protective relay, power supply redundancy, and a customer connection terminal block for simplified field wiring. 

The product will address key pain points faced by many microgrid project developers and installers. The PRC allows Ageto’s partners to approach projects with confidence and deliver an islanding solution that works for the utility, without adding unnecessary complexity for their install team.

The PRC is a fully pre-programmed islanding solution that automatically drives a contactor or motorized circuit breaker for three-phase services. This enables the power resilience so needed by microgrid customers. The ARC Controller communicates directly to the PRC allowing for a seamless transition on and off-grid. 

Ageto PRC interface

Adding the PRC to a system allows for increased visibility at the point of interconnection within the ARC Controller UI. Additionally, the automatic islanding device provides a manual islanding command, a configurable resynchronization delay, and meter data.

The Protective Relay Cabinet is a preferred method of grid isolation for many utilities. As a result, this can greatly simplify or accelerate the interconnection application process. The PRC complies with Rule 21 in California and many other tariffs for generating facilities across the US.

For more information and technical specs, contact a member of the Ageto team.