The Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) is a program funded by the Department of Defense. The goal of ESTCP is to demonstrate and validate promising, innovative technologies that target the most urgent environmental needs of the DoD. These technologies are sought out to reduce cost and risk, while improving efficiency and return on investment.

The DoD has lofty energy security goals, of which hybrid microgrids are expected to play a significant role. Amongst other targets, the army has announced an ambitious goal of sustaining 14 days of energy independence for their bases. The long term mission is to reduce risk to mission critical military operations.

Storage Enabled Hybrid Microgrids

One of ESTCP’s main objectives is to test promising solutions in the lab, in order to aggressively deploy and scale them in the field. This is the case for this project titled “Storage Enabled Microgrids”. ASU’s Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS) took lead on this project identifying design, modeling, and control solutions for hybrid energy storage microgrid systems that could effectively scale for the DoD’s needs. 

Ageto was brought into the project to provide the microgrid control solution. The controller was to demonstrate effective control of a li-ion energy storage system and ultracapacitor in parallel in a microgrid. The system was tested to leverage the available energy resources to respond to a large step in load while maintaining power quality for a utility disconnected scenario. 

Testing at NREL

Power Hardware in the Loop (PHIL) and Control Hardware in the Loop (CHIL) testing were performed. Testing took place at NREL’s Energy Systems Integration Facility in Golden, CO in order to demonstrate this functionality.

James Nelson, Director of Technology and Innovation with LEAPS, said about working with Ageto, “They were a great and highly responsive team to work with. They supported scope and timeline changes seamlessly and we look forward to continuing our work with them on future projects.”

Ageto is proud to work with the ESTCP and ASU to demonstrate the efficacy of hybrid microgrid solutions. The team looks forward to demonstrating field functionality as more resiliency projects are deployed.